Clint Dutiaume Obituary Winnipeg Manitoba, Clint Dutiaume has passed away

Clint Dutiaume Obituary Winnipeg Manitoba, Clint Dutiaume has passed away

Clint Dutiaume Obituary, Death – We bid our final goodbyes with heavy hearts to a man who was revered across the whole province of Manitoba for his contributions to the genre of country music. Clint Dutiaume was a multi-award-winning, world-class fiddler, guitarist, and vocalist who brought an extraordinary level of energy and excitement to each and every stage that he performed on. He was also a talented songwriter. He was a very talented musician, educator, and mentor in addition to being a son, father, grandpa, brother, uncle, and friend. He was also a member of the family. Clint, along with his brothers Jim, Keith, and Tom, was inducted into the Manitoba Country Music Hall of Fame during the month of November of the year before. This distinction was bestowed to each and every one of them by the municipality.

An honor that he and his brothers richly deserved for the outstanding achievements that they have made to the country music industry in Manitoba over the course of a number of decades. This honor was presented to them because of the extraordinary accomplishments that they have made. The Manitoba Country Music Association is the one who bestowed upon them this prestigious award.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to Clint’s family, friends, and fans on behalf of the Manitoba Country Music Association, its Executive, and its Board of Directors. We are deeply saddened by Clint’s passing. He will be sorely missed by everyone. We are in a state of great sadness as a result of the news of Clint’s departure. Due to the fact that he established such a high bar for others to adhere to, everyone in the music industry will grieve his departure tremendously. Rest in peace Clint. Board of Directors of the MCMA and both the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee.

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