Cj Harris Obituary, Jasper Al, Former American Idol contestant Has Died

Cj Harris Obituary Jasper Al, Former American Idol contestant Has Died

Cj Harris Obituary Death – CJ Harris, who rose to prominence in 2014 thanks to his participation on American Idol, passed suddenly yesterday at the age of 31. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Harris, who graduated from Walker High School in 2010, credited his grandfather with being a mentor in his life. Harris worked for his grandfather during the summers when he was a child.

Harris has stated that Usher, Keith Sweat, Darius Rucker, John Mayer, The Allman Brothers Band, and Keith Urban are some of the artists who have had an impact on him. After having his shot at The Voice and The X-Factor turned down, Harris traveled to Tuscaloosa for a bus stop audition for American Idol and then found himself in Salt Lake City for in-person auditions. Neither of these opportunities were fruitful for Harris.

“I noticed that they were doing the bus tour, and I knew that they were going to be around here in about half an hour. I responded by saying, “You know what? I’m going to give it one more go at succeeding. My musicianship and singing have both improved tremendously, as has the quality of my voice as it has developed over the years. Harris shared the following statement with the reporter: “I’m 23, and before you know it, I’ll be 33, and I want to give it another opportunity.”

Shortly after his time on American Idol, Harris performed alongside Darius Rucker at The Grand Ole Opry, took part in the tour for American Idol’s 13th season, and took the stage at the Foothills Festival in Jasper in 2014. After that, he moved to Nashville, where he ended up becoming roommates with Alex Preston and Sam Woolf, two of the other finalists from Season 13. In an interview conducted after his run on American Idol, Harris stated that the musical path he would most like to pursue would be “a blend between country, blues, soul, and Southern rock.” 2019 saw the release of his first solo single, titled “In Love.” At Walker High School, where he was a star football player for John Holladay, Harris was also an outstanding athlete.

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