Chris Teeter Obituary, Wetumpka Alabama, Chris Teeter Has Died – Death

Chris Teeter Obituary, Wetumpka Alabama, Chris Teeter Has Died - Death

Chris Teeter Obituary, Death – Because to the passing of my good buddy Christopher Teeter, I find myself in an odd mental state this morning. I should be concentrating on my errands, but instead I can’t quit thinking about him. He was a close buddy of ours. He served as a guardian. After serving in the military for more than a decade, Chris went on to become a manager in the hospitality industry. He was completely and utterly devoted to his wife, Gina Marie Hudson Allen-Teeter. His life was completely turned upside down as a result of losing her. During those days and in the months that followed, we had a number of chats together. I pray that if I live long enough, I will find a man who will love me the way he loved her.

He assisted me during a period of my life in which I had lost all hope. When I was 23 years old, I was going through a divorce with a child who was just two years old. I attended school full time while also holding down a full-time job, and he hired me to waitress at the bar he operated on the weekends. After I had put my child to bed, he would let me come in so that I could work through the night and still be back at my house before he woke up. Every night, he stood between me and the idiots and drunks who were there. He made sure that nothing bad happened to me and required that I let either him or Gina know when I arrived home unharmed.

Gina, he, and I maintained our friendship during the subsequent 20 years. Whether it was in reference to my weight loss, my work, or my parenting, he never missed an opportunity to let me know how proud he was of me and how far I had come. He participated in cheerleading. He cherished his two sons, Todd and Christopher, and he doted on their children. Despite the horrifying nature of the situation, he is at ease. He is currently with Gina once more. At the entrance she was waiting for him. Have a peaceful rest, our great and beloved buddy. Tell Gina we miss her.

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