Chase Barclay Obituary, Gadsden AL, Gadsden Firefighter Has Died – Death

Chase Barclay Obituary, Gadsden AL, Gadsden Firefighter Has Died - Death

Chase Barclay Obituary, Death – On February 2, 2015, Chase Barclay, age 65, of Hawthorne, California, passed away in a tranquil and peaceful manner. He was a resident of California. Chase spent his entire life in the city of Hawthorne, despite the fact that he was born in the town of Paterson. He has never gone anywhere else, despite the fact that he was born there. Chase worked for Opici Family Distributing in Glen Rock for the majority of his 33-year career, the majority of which was spent in the role of Facilities Manager. There, he worked as an employee. In North Haledon, where he also belonged to the Hawthorne Gun Club and Grace Bible Church, he was a former President of the Hawthorne Boys and Girls Club. In this role, he oversaw the organization’s youth programs.

In addition to that, he was an active participant in each of those organizations as a member. Before she married Chase, Bonnie Barclay went by the surname Hoek; however, she changed it to Barclay once she became a loyal companion to her husband, Chase Beloved father of two Hawthorne Fire Department volunteers: Robert W. Barclay and his wife Julie, who live in North Haledon; and Chase  Barclay and his wife Karen, who live in Wurtsboro, New York. Both of these couples call North Haledon and Wurtsboro, New York, home. The city of New York is home to both of the married couples.

In this most difficult time, please accept my deepest condolences on behalf of the grandpa of Chase Barclay, who resides in North Haledon. Reputable sibling of Richard Barclay and Barbara, his wife, who make their home in the municipality of Milford in the state of Delaware. His sister-in-law, Patricia Chase of Hawthorne, and his brother-in-law, Scott Hoek and his wife Judi of Prospect Park are his in-laws, and he is their brother-in-law. Patricia Chases is originally from Hawthorne, while Scott Hoek and his wife Judi currently make their home in Prospect Park

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