Casey Orn Obituary, Anoka Minnesota, has died – Death

Casey Orn Obituary, Anoka Minnesota, has died - Death

Casey Orn Obituary, Death – Casey Orn had lived a full life and was 87 years old when he passed away. At the Liberty Care Center in Liberty, Kentucky, where he was a patient, he breathed his last on Saturday, January 14, 2023. On Monday, July 19, 2010, at eleven o’clock in the morning Central Time, Bro. Clifton Cowan presided over the funeral services that were held at the funeral home that was owned and run by McKinney-Brown. The funeral house was located in McKinney-Brown.

The interment took place in the cemetery that is known now by its current name, which is the Casey County Memorial Gardens. Orn Thompson entered this world in McCreary County, Kentucky, on November 10th, 1922. His birth took place in that year. His move to Casey County took place in 1922, and he remained there until the year 2010, when he passed away. Orn Thompson had a continuous residence in Casey County from 1922 until the time of his passing in 2010.

After adopting him, Shade Thompson, who has since died away, and Susan Morrow Thompson were left without any other children in their family. He is the only child they had left in their family. The family does not have any other children than him. On July 17, 2010, he passed away in the city of Liberty, which is located in the county of Casey in the state of Kentucky in the United States of America. At that point in time, he had a total of 87 years, 8 months, and 7 days under his belt in terms of his life experience. During his lifetime, he was actively involved in the activities of the Walnut Hill Separate Baptist Church and made contributions to the maintenance of the family farm. In addition, he was a member of the church.

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