Carlton Meek Obituary, Resident of Princeton has passed away – Death

Carlton Meek Obituary, Resident of Princeton has passed away - Death

Carlton Meek Death, Obituary – Carlton Dewight Meeks was a patient at Baptist Health Paducah on the day of his passing on January 13, 2023. His death occurred at that time. He was 66 years old when he passed away; he had reached that age at the time of his departure. He spent the bulk of his life in Princeton, which is not only where he was born but also where he spent the majority of his life. 1975 was the year when Dewight completed his high schooling requirements and received his graduation from Caldwell County High School.

In addition to being a part of Southside Baptist Church, he was a personal assistant to a sizable number of children, worked for the Princeton Electric Plant Board for a period of 27 years, served as president of Youth, Inc., was involved in a variety of other community organizations, and was employed there. His grandsons, along with the countless other youngsters whose lives he positively impacted, are the ones who will carry on his legacy when he is gone. Because he was such a loving husband, father, personal assistant (PA), coach, and mentor, he will be sorely missed in all of these positions.

His passing will leave a hole in the lives of many. He will be sorely missed by everyone. His loved ones, including his wife and children, his friends, and everyone else who was important to him, will miss him tremendously. There are still relatives of his family that are alive now, and they include the following: one daughter and her husband, Jennifer Sigler and Garrick Sigler, who are also currently living in Princeton; one brother and his wife, Gary Meeks and Lisa Meeks, who are currently living in Princeton; four grandchildren, Brandon Sigler and his wife, Jessi, Tate Sigler, Jase Sigler, and Delaney Sigler; three great grandchildren, Jolea Sigler, Jax Sigler, and Delaney Sigler. his wife, Dianne Harper Meeks, who is currently living in

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