Caleb Swafford Obituary, Caleb Swafford Has Died – Death

Caleb Swafford Obituary, Caleb Swafford Has Died - Death

Caleb Swafford Death, Obituary – Less than a month has passed, but Houston police officers who were responding to calls have been responsible for the deaths of three pedestrians. The most recent one took place on Tuesday, January 17, shortly after midnight, according to the Houston Police Department. According to information provided by the police in a press conference held at the location of the incident, officers were on their way to the site of a double shooting when they struck a woman near a freeway feeder road. According to the police, the woman stepped off of a curb and into the line of the officer’s vehicle, which resulted in the officer having to swerve to avoid hitting her.

The investigators have only described the woman as a Hispanic woman in her 40s. It was determined that she had passed away at the site. According to the Houston Police Department, even though the officers responded to a call, their lights and sirens were turned down because the situation did not warrant a code 1 emergency response. The Houston Police Department (HPD) identifies “an event in progress with a potential threat to life or physical injury” as a code 1 emergency. The cop that is currently driving has been with the police for two years, but their partner has only been there for a year.

The cops have been placed on administrative leave in accordance with departmental protocol so that an inquiry may be carried out while the police have stated that “the officers are shaken up.” According to a previous story by McClatchy News, a guy by the name of Caleb Swafford was on his way to the apartment of a friend when he was struck and killed by a Houston Police Department patrol car along a route on the city’s north side two weeks ago.

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