Brittany Green Obituary, Weinberger’s Furniture Mourns Brittany Green’s Passing

Brittany Green Obituary, Weinberger's Furniture Mourns Brittany Green's Passing

Brittany Green Obituary, Death – Brittany, who is 35 years old and has recently recovered from liver transplant surgery, is a single mother of two boys whom she brought up on her own. Her heart stopped beating while the procedure was being performed, and she had to be placed on an ECMO machine in order to give her heart a chance to heal and return to its normal state so that the treatment could be completed. In addition to that, she was placed into a coma as a result of the participation of medical professionals. After the operation, it was revealed that Brittany had a blood clot, which was the reason for the fluid that was pressing on her lung. The clot was the cause of the fluid that was pressing on Brittany’s lung. The emergency treatment that the doctors used was successful in removing the blood clot from the patient.

Brittany is currently being maintained in a coma for her own safety, and she has a difficult road to recovery from the injuries she sustained. Due to the severity of her health, she is currently being treated at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. While Brittany fights for her life, her family is attempting to raise money through donations to assist in paying for her medical care as well as other day-to-day expenses. We are saddened to tell you that Brittany has passed away, and it is with a heavy heart that we tell you this news. During this difficult time, we want her family and all of her loved ones to know that our thoughts and condolences are with them.

Our hearts are broken by the news of their passing, and please accept our sincere condolences on their behalf. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to everyone who has made a donation to the GoFundMe campaign that has been established to support Brittany and her family. Nobody will ever forget the kindness and charity that you showed toward others. I am appreciative of the ongoing help that you provide.


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