Billy Hastings Obituary, Billy Hastings Has Died – Death

Billy Hastings Obituary, Billy Hastings Has Died - Death

Billy Hastings Death, Obituary – We would like to offer Diane Parten and her family our most sincere condolences on the loss of her father, Billy Hastings, who died away not too long ago. Billy Hastings passed away not too long ago. Please accept our best sympathies. This afternoon, he packed up his belongings and moved to the heavenly mansion that the Lord had prepared for him. He had exchanged his home on earth for a palace in the afterlife. Due to the fact that it had been two years since the last Convention and Awards Show, he was looking forward to seeing everyone there and had a wonderful time doing so on every previous occasion.

He felt as though he had met the love of his life when he became a part of this ICMA family; it was as though he had fallen in love at first sight. We know that the next few days are going to be rather difficult for the family, and we ask for your prayers on their behalf because we want you to know that we are aware of this. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. a gentle and compassionate spirit that will be remembered with warmth and gratitude by a great number of people long after their demise.

During this time of your loss, we will pray for you and your brokenness, asking God to heal your wounds and offer you peace. We will pray for you and your sorrow. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and the rest of your family, Ralph, on the sad loss of a loved one in your family. Please accept my condolences. During this challenging time, both you and Keith are in both of our thoughts and prayers. During this difficult time, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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