Benigno Figueroa Obituary, Man Fatally Shot At Phoenix Restaurant Drive-Thru

Benigno Figueroa Obituary, Death – A man was fatally shot on Sunday at the drive-through lane of a restaurant in Phoenix, and the police have now disclosed that they have detained a suspect in connection with the crime. The incident occurred on Sunday. Sunday was the day that the incident took place. The victim of the shooting, who ultimately succumbed to their injuries and passed away as a direct result of the incident, was a male. An altercation that took place between two different customers resulted in the firing of a bullet at four in the morning close to the intersection of Central and Dunlap avenues, as stated in a news statement that was issued by the Phoenix Police Department and that was published in a local newspaper.

The news statement was issued as a result of an altercation that took place between the two customers. The scuffle occurred between two separate customers who were both patrons at the establishment at the time. At the time of his passing, Benigno Rivera Figueroa was 51 years old. His body was discovered at the scene of the murder, where he had been murdered. His remains were examined, and it was determined that Benigno Rivera Figueroa was the person who had died. After he had already died away, the lifeless remains of his body were found in the location in question.

As mentioned in comments made by the police on Tuesday, Luis Fernando Parra Cruz, age 39, was taken to jail and charged with murder on Monday. This information was provided by the police. The argument that gave rise to the charges took place on Sunday and was observed by both parties. The authorities took Parra Cruz into custody once they had her in their possession following her detention. It was brought to everyone’s attention that there had been previous complaints lodged against him. An inquiry has been opened by the authorities in order to develop a chronology for the sequence of events that led up to the shooting that took place earlier today. The incident that took place earlier today was the most recent event on the timeline. The primary objective of the inquiry that is currently being carried out is to determine the circumstances that ultimately resulted in the shooting that took place.


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