Barbara Lacen-Keller Obituary, ‘The Mayor of Central City’ Has Passed Away – Death

Barbara Lacen-Keller Obituary, 'The Mayor of Central City' Has Passed Away - Death

Barbara Lacen-Keller Obituary, Death – After hearing the news about the passing of a dear friend, Barbara Lacen-Keller, we have entered a state of sadness that is not only profound but also deeply deep. This is because our grief stems from the fact that she was a kind woman. Barbara invested a significant amount of time and energy into her work as an activist while simultaneously upholding her standing as a respected member of the community.

Because of the high regard in which she was held, a significant number of people began referring to her as “The Mayor of Central City.” For example, Barbara had worked hard over the course of more than three decades to build a rewarding and honorable career for herself, which offered her a great lot of happiness, and she was now reaping the benefits of her labors. She has demonstrated an unshakeable devotion to the city of New Orleans, and as a direct result of her efforts, the quality of life for a very large number of people has significantly improved as a direct result of those efforts.

Because Barbara participated in and advocated for a wide variety of events, gatherings, and causes throughout her life, there is little question that her name will be remembered for a great many years to come as a result of all of these things. She has always had a great deal of excitement for second line crews, which is one reason why she was one of the early organizers of the Task Force on Second Line Culture and Tradition.

She had a profound appreciation for the one-of-a-kind and genuine personality that our city possesses, and she understood the importance that our organization places on preserving it.
It is a great honor for me to have had the chance to develop a relationship and a friendship with Barbara; she will be terribly missed. We consider it a fantastic privilege to have had this opportunity. The fact that we were able to participate in this activity is something that we regard as a privilege. During this difficult time, she and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers. We are sorry for the difficulties you are through.

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