Audrey Boyd Obituary, Wicklow Ireland, Audrey Boyd Has died – Death

Audrey Boyd Obituary, Wicklow Ireland, Audrey Boyd Has died - Death

Audrey Boyd Obituary, Death – In Invermere, British Columbia, our much loved mother, grandma, and friend passed away quietly. Her children, Patricia, Bob, and Maureen, as well as her grandchildren and other close friends and family members, remember her with affection. Both her husband of 67 years, Bob, and her older sister, Mary, passed away before she did. Bob was the first to pass away. Audrey Dawson’s parents, Ernie and Lois, welcomed her into the world in the summer of 1932 in Smithers. The family moved to Quesnel shortly thereafter. Audrey received her high school diploma in 1950, and despite the fact that she and Bob were already a “thing,” she went on to complete her studies at the Normal School in Victoria before beginning her career as a teacher.

She began her teaching career in Fraser Lake, in a one-room schoolhouse, and then moved to Quesnel. Audrey felt it was especially important to instill a love of reading in her offspring, including her offspring, her grandchildren, and the numerous pupils she taught. She was a woman who was both lively and thoughtful, and she had the ability to bring out the nuances in any story. Mom was a student for the rest of her life, and she received her Bachelor of Education degree from UBC in 1987.

Audrey was one of those people who frequently gave more than she received, brightening the lives of innumerable others with her smiles, laughter, and sometimes words of wisdom. Her mantra throughout her life was “do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” which mirrored the generous nature of her character.

In 1996, Audrey and Bob retired to Chase, where they quickly became involved in a variety of activities and met many new friends (quilting and choir singing). Audrey’s days were filled with joy and laughter thanks to the many visits she received and made from and to her children, grandkids, and friends. Audrey took after her mother in the kitchen, creating treats to share with her family and friends. She also inherited her mother’s green thumb.

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