Ann Gribben Obituary, Longtime Member Of Springhill Community House Has Died

Ann Gribben Obituary, Longtime Member Of Springhill Community House Has Died

Ann Gribben Obituary, Death – On January 17, 2023, Ann died calmly in hospital, surrounded by her loving family. Beloved wife of the late David, grandmother and great-grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, and friend. R.I.P. The news of Ann’s death in the community house shook us all. Her participation with Springhill Community House and Springhill/Whiterock/Westrock/Ballymurphy Community extends over 50 years. Ann’s mother, Mary Walsh, had a shop on Springhill Avenue that became known as Mary’s Shop. In both good and sad times, generations of the Walsh/Gribben family have offered a much-needed grocery service to the nearby neighborhood. Mary and Ann both helped Fr Des in building the communal house, and Mary’s Shop continues to serve our household groceries more than 50 years later.

The tradition was perpetuated when Ann and her husband Davy took over the shop. They were replaced by their daughter Paula (RIP), son Stephen, and grandkids David, Stephen, and Rachel.
Mary’s Shop is a neighborhood convenience shop managed by a family that addresses the needs of the community. It also donates things and services to community activities and initiatives.
Ann was heartbroken when Covid struck, and the shop, like many companies, was forced to close temporarily. “Not even the troubles closed the shop,” she stated, urging the younger generation to reopen the shop as swiftly as possible. We’re all conscious with Mary’s Shop, which provided the greatest cheese for miles, sliced from a large 5kg slicing block. Mary or Ann would cut a quarter pound into a block or slices.

Despite the fact that the children were taking their time, Ann never rushed them or shifted them to make place for the grownups. Ann served customers that were a few pence or more short.
Marys Shop typically brought catering bags of tea and coffee to the community house. Ann always greeted you with a grin and a few words; she knew all of her customers by name and was always interested in your family. Large supermarkets do not carry this. May Ann, Mary, Davey, and the present Gribben clan continue to deliver a personal family-run local business in the heart of the town for many years to come. Ann’s children, Kieran, Stephen, and Angela, as well as her grandkids and great-grandchildren, have our hearts.


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