Ames Shooting, Two Ames Hotel Gunshot Victims Were Hospitalized

Ames Shooting, Two Ames Hotel Gunshot Victims Were Hospitalized

Ames Shooting Obituary, Death – Two people were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment after being injured in a shooting that took place early on Saturday morning at a motel in Ames, Iowa. After being removed from the scene of the incident, the victims arrived at the hospital. After the incident, which ended with the two people being injured, the shooting took place.

At around 11:26 in the morning, a report was received at a hotel situated in the 2600 block of East 13th Street alleging that bullets had been fired inside the building. The complaint was made by an individual who stated that they heard the shots. A short time later, officers from the Ames Police Department arrived at the location to begin their investigation into the incident that had occurred. As soon as rescue personnel arrived at the scene.

They discovered two victims who had been shot and were already suffering from their wounds. Both victims were already in a critical condition. The circumstances of both of the victims have been characterized as being rather critical at the present time. Both of these individuals were placing themselves in extremely dangerous situations at the time of the events in question.

According to the Ames Police Department, both victims were rushed to a nearby hospital shortly after the event; however, at this time, it is uncertain how seriously hurt either of them is. The severity of their injuries is unknown at this time. At this very time, the law enforcement agents have succeeded in apprehending one individual who they have reason to believe was involved in the incident that took place earlier.

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