Alia Elmosa Obituary Chicago Illinois, Alia Elmosa Has Died – Death

Alia Elmosa Obituary Chicago Illinois, Alia Elmosa Has Died - Death

Alia Elmosa Obituary, Death – I was lost in my own thoughts for the better part of the day. Thinking of all the young women from our community who had to say goodbye to our Creator at such a tender age and who were snatched from us. Friends, as well as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Beginning with Eshraga, then Minna, then Manel, then Houria, then Yara, then Leena, and finally Alia. They weren’t your typical teenage females at all. They were at the very pinnacle of excellence. They possessed the most innocent of hearts. Those have the kindest hearts. those individuals who appeared to be happy all the time. Those individuals whose presence was immediately recognized the moment they entered the room Those individuals who were held in high regard by all. those who were responsible for bringing entire communities from across the country together to mourn them.

May Allah forgive them for the faults that they have committed. May He enlarge their tombs and shine light into them in the afterlife. May all of them find relaxation and tranquility as they look forward to entering Jennah Al Firdous, their home. May He give their loved ones the patience and strength they need when they are fighting to move on from them, and may He comfort the hearts of their loved ones as they remember them. Allahuma ameen.

Sincere condolences go out to Samir and Asma Elmosa, as well as the rest of the AbuLaila and Elmosa families. 3atham Allahu ajrakum. I am truly sorry for the loss you have suffered. Your awful loss has left us with crushed hearts, and please know that you will always be in our prayers.

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