Alex Clark obituary, Learn More About Alex Clark obituary – Death

Alex Clark obituary, Learn More About Alex Clark obituary - Death

Alex Clark obituary, Death – He was the fourth and final kid of a family that also included Rose, Daisy, and Violet, who were his three older sisters. He was the baby. His wife Beth, his daughter Darlene and her husband Steve, his son James, and his grandchildren Alec and Lauren are among his living descendants. Also descended from him is his son James. Many of Sandy’s descendants have since left this world. Before he was born, his mother and father, along with his three older sisters, had already passed away. He never got to meet them.

1948 was the year that he received his diploma after completing his studies at Webster College in Aberdeen. In October of 1951, he was eventually discharged from the Royal Army Corps after completing the requirements for his National Service in Malaya. This allowed him to leave the military. In September of 1949, he enlisted in the Royal Army Corps to become a member of that organization. After completing his service in the military, he relocated his family to Banchory and found work at Richards Limited, a textile manufacturing company based in Aberdeen. He worked in the administrative department of the company.

Sandy landed in Canada on June 21, 1958, and by the time she had finished her travels that year, she had already made her home in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. He was required to travel from coast to coast as part of his position with Dustbane Enterprises in order to undertake internal audits and onboard new businesses into the corporate accounting system. It was necessary for him to carry out his responsibilities in this manner.

It was in the year 1965 when he initially came into contact with Beth Rankin, who would later become his wife. James was born in 1971, and Darlene in October of 1965. Both of their birthdays are in October. October is the month that they both celebrate their birthdays. In 1978, as a direct and immediate result of Dustbane’s transfer, the family packed up their belongings and went to Victoria. Sandy joined Gyro International in Ottawa in 1961, and not long after that, his fellow members there began to refer to him as “Scotty.” This moniker stuck with him for the rest of his life. In later years, he rose through the ranks to become president of the community club and remained in that role throughout 1975 and 1976.

After he had been living in Victoria for some time and had joined the Camosun Gyro Club, they quickly accepted him as a member of their club. Over the period of more than half a century, Gyro presented the family with a multitude of fantastic opportunities, all of which they made the most of in the time that they had them. We will never stop remembering him, and in his honor, we would be grateful if you could raise a glass to salute him. We will never stop thinking about him. We promise to never stop remembering him in our hearts and minds.

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