Alan Ellerton Obituary, Swansea Building Society Mortgage Manager Has Died

Alan Ellerton Obituary, Swansea Building Society Mortgage Manager Has Died

Alan Ellerton Obituary, Death – On Saturday, January 14, 2023, Alan Ellerton, who worked as a mortgage manager for our firm and was based at the Mumbles office, passed away unexpectedly, causing our company to suffer a loss that was both sudden and unexpected. Alan Ellerton had worked for our company for a number of years. Alan Ellerton passed away the very same day he was diagnosed with cancer. In spite of the fact that we are filled with nothing but the deepest regret on our end, we are going to proceed with the sharing of this information with you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.

Alan enjoyed a prosperous career with Barclays, but in 2006 he took the decision to leave and start a new job with the Swansea Building Society, where he is currently employed. Since then, Alan has developed a favorable impression of his time spent working for the Swansea Building Society. Despite the fact that Alan’s time spent at Barclays was fruitful, he is currently having difficulty overcoming obstacles in his new place of employment. After making a significant contribution to the group that was in charge of opening the store in Mumbles in the year 2010, Alan was ultimately chosen to take on the role of manager of our first outpost located in a remote location. Since he first joined in 2010, he had always been a part of the community that we belonged to.

During the time that Alan worked for the Society, he made a substantial contribution to the organization’s continued and overall success, which was in great part due to the efforts that he put forth. During this time, Alan worked for the Society. All of Alan’s employees and the members of Society will miss him very much because he had a positive impact when he was working there, and because of this, they will all miss him very much. The members of the Society will likewise lamentably miss having Alan around in their midst. Not only did we lose a reliable coworker, but we also cut ties with a good buddy in the process. Every single one of us feels twice as bad about what has happened as a result of the fact that it has already happened.


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